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5 Things About Extroverts

Here recently, I’ve noticed a lot of link-share posts about introverts. What we should understand about introverts, that they’re misunderstood, etc. The few times that Extroverts were mentioned in those articles, they were the introvert’s antagonist. Their main source of irk and ire.

Now, those of you that know me at all understand that I am an extrovert. I need people. I really do. I need that social interaction. I need that reminder that I am indeed, not alone. Nothing spikes up my depression like being alone too long. So I can tell you from experience that we extro’s have a few constant problems of our own. Yes, that’s right. It’s not easy being the Happy Idiot. The Social Butterfly. The Group Ambassador.  The rewards for the soul are tremendous, but there are some issues that I would like to address…

You’re interactions get misinterpreted.

Most extroverts have never met a stranger. Interacting with and talking to people is what we DO. No surprise that we get pretty good at it, even with the opposite sex. However, this is often interpreted as flirting or even making a pass. Just because we walk and talk with confidence doesn’t make us one of the dorks from Night at the Roxbury. It’s also SUPER-irksome when they get offended after you tell them you weren’t actually flirting. Seriously, make up your mind about which one you want to be mad about. Crazy bitches.

You’re not allowed to be in a bad mood.Sad-Clown

I take my job as group-clown very seriously. I always want to make at least one person smile every day. That’s how I want to be remembered. As I mentioned earlier, I do suffer from depression. I know it’s hard for some people to fathom: that an extrovert could be depressed! They straight-up don’t get how you could fail to be happy. Sometimes an extro just needs to be around their friends for a recharge.

People who need people.

Although we do enjoy the occasional alone time (artists types especially need it to create and focus on work) a room devoid of people is as taxing on an extrovert as a crowded mall is for an introvert. Don’t tell me I need to learn how to entertain myself. I can amuse myself with LEGOS, video games, and projects for so long, but I will eventually seek out people to interact with. Extroverts NEED people.

Our opinions hold less weight.

Often, people consider the extrovert to be “loud and obnoxious” if they give their opinion. This usually stems from their belief that we must have ADHD or something. Therefore, we couldn’t possibly be smart enough to know anything even if we took time in between seeking out social interaction. Well, extros are just as able to read books, watch the news, and learn about stuff as introverts are of social interaction. Our minds are strong and quick. Plus, there’s a pretty good chance they are the smartest sumbitch you know.

not_equalExtrovert does NOT equal Ego.

Just because an extrovert is in their element in social settings doesn’t mean they can’t be nervous, quiet, or even shy! Extros aren’t afraid of people, but the rest of the world scares the hell out of us just like anyone else.

Now, with all that said, let me close with this: I LOVE introverts! You guys are so cute with your “Me Time” and your quietly reading books in a dark room while listening to jazz. Nothing brings me more pleasure than to be the Spongebob to your Squidward. Really, everyone just needs a hug.


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